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At PIRXA we collaborate with university-based researchers and businesses in a wide range of sectors—including healthcare, financial services, and education—to bring cutting edge insights and discoveries to their potential for [commercial] impact. We use our expertise in software design, data technology, and analysis to bring new insights to the research and medical communities.


We are a design-build technology firm. Our firm has in-house architects and builders that work closely with you to bring your ideas and products to market. We approach and customize solutions to each unique challenge. We bring an open mind to the process and tailor our work to your analytic, software, and project management needs. We are your partners and guides and help you leverage your data, perfect your concept, and bring your ideas from a page to practice.


We are multilingual—we speak the languages of academic research, software development, data analytics, lawyers, grants and grantors, and venture capital.

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Data Analytics


We work with data sets from n=50 to n=50 terabytes. And use statistics, machine learning techniques, data visualization, and qualitative methods to empower you to describe a data set, diagnose a problem, predict the future, or to act in a data driven manner. We find insights and relationships in the data and present them in a visually appealing way. We bring quantitative and technological expertise honed in the financial services sector, health care, public health, insurance, and environmental sciences to you.

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Software Development


We create customized software that meets your needs, is desired by your users, and is compliant with your institutional protocols. Our software development team works hand-in-hand with our business analysts and with you—from design through delivery. Our analysts have experience in project management, project compliance, and institutional reporting—including your IRB process, meeting HIPAA compliance, and interacting with a wide range of institutional systems. We use rapid prototyping and agile methodology to iterate toward excellence for your product or service.

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Project Design


We consult on business development and strategy to help you scope a problem, conduct market reporting, strategize pricing, explore delivery mechanisms, and protect intellectual property. We want to help you make an informed decision on whether to build—or look for a buyout, where to seek funding, and how to engage internal and external stakeholders. We identify critical issues and develop tailored, actionable solutions. Our research support team uses our expertise in data technology and analysis as well as user-centered design to bring new insights to the research community. Our team of entrepreneurs helps you package and bring your data from the pages of academic journals to life—in services and markets.

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about pirxa

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We are software developers, experimenters, communicators, entrepreneurs, qualitative researchers, business gurus, data geeks, ux designers.[/qodef_call_to_action][/qodef_elements_holder_item][/qodef_elements_holder]

134 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

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